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    2016 Making women count

    Women account for 48.5 per cent of India's population, but only about one fourth reach high school while more than half of the country's men make it to that level. Also, India is one of the few countries where women's workforce participation declined (amazing, no?) from 34 per cent in 1991 to 27 per cent in 2012 Read more ..

    DSP BlackRock and Parinaam Foundation Empower 4000 Women in the Lower Income Segment

    DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd., one of the premier asset management companies in India, in association with Parinaam Foundation successfully conducted financial literacy workshops to benefit 4,000 women in the lower income segment, educate them about the importance of financial planning and introduce them to basics of financial services Read more ..

    2015 MYTH: The Poor Cannot Save

    The invisible people residing in our Urban Ultra Poor communities in Bangalore have saved over Rs.12,54,217 since 2009 and over 280 of them have acquired bank accounts and ATM cards which they utilize very confidently! Who says the poor CANNOT save?? Read more ..

    Elaine Ghosh: Remembering a Selfless Soul

    Elaine never hankered for the limelight, she never tried to make nice with the 'people who matter.' Her contribution to society has been greatly underplayed, but the difference she made to hundreds of lives that were totally devoid of hope, will always make her missed. Read more: Deccan Chronicle

    Article on Parinaam Foundation in FT Urban Ingenuity - Awarded Asia Pacific Winner

    "The UUPP was Ghosh’s passion– an intensive combination of social projects established in 2009 that has helped about 750 severely deprived families in eight of the southern Indian city’s grimmest slums". Read more

    Banker & messiah of urban poor

    Elaine Marie Ghosh, who transformed the lives of hundreds of women, the so-called urban poor, under the aegis of her far sighted city based Parinaam Foundation that she launched in 2006, passed away in Mumbai on Thursday. Read more: Deccan Chronicle

    The Power of a Mother-Daughter Team

    "The Ghosh mother-daughter team are an inspiring example of women coming together to work for change." Read more: Jaagore

    Elaine Ghosh speaks about change and her inspiration for Parinaam's Urban Ultra Poor Program:

    Parinaam has made it to the final list:

    "The Financial Times and Citi today announce the finalists for the second annual FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action programme. The awards aim to recognise individuals, teams, organisations and community groups that have developed groundbreaking solutions to urban challenges that benefit cities, citizens and urban communities."

    1. Read More on : Financial Times
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    Elaine Ghosh, Executive Director, is Citi-FT's person of the month!

    "Over the years, Parinaam has developed a reputation for financial and ethical integrity and out-of-the-box innovative programmes. We will not continue a programme if we realize, in spite of every effort, it does not provide a sustainable outcome for our beneficiaries. We will not go for mass scale or unrealistic interventions just to access funding "footprints" for our sponsors and donors... So I see Parinaam in a niche market, running programmes that are not as easy as they are constantly evolving, but will have the greatest impact on our target market--the urban poor and ultra poor."

    Read more of her interview here.

    From Financial Times, 23 July 2013:

    "Bangalore's LRDE slum sits wedged between an area of well-to-do middle-class houses and the striking, angular glass buildings of Bagmane Technology Park. Entirely hidden from the surrounding streets, even the name seems an afterthought, taken from the acronym for an Indian government research body located just down the road.

    "Duck down an alleyway, however, and a mud track leads to about 300 dwellings, many little more than tarpaulin sheets strung over wooden struts. The residents are India's forgotten: "ultra-poor" families of migrant labourers, many living on less than $1.25 a day. It is, in short, a grim scene. But it was just the sort of place Elaine Ghosh was looking for..." Read more

    Read the full issue here.

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