Elaine Ghosh
Elaine Marie Ghosh
26th August 1952 - 28th November 2013.
Founder and Executive Director - Elaine Marie Ghosh

After several successful career paths (Banker, Mother, Premises Consultant, Restorer of Antique Furniture), Elaine Ghosh moved to Bangalore with her husband, Samit Ghosh. She worked closely with construction and migrant laborers on a number of construction projects for friends and family. This led her to realize their struggles and the hard lifethey lived because society had neglected them. Her interaction and experience inspired her to conceive Parinaam Foundation in 2006 and provide a holistic approach to elevate poverty. Parinaam caters to the needs of the urban and semi – urban poor, providing critical social services such as healthcare, education, livelihood, and community development.

Elaine Ghosh, the pillar of our organization was a perfectionist, systematic, courageous and lived by the concept of “Tough Love”. She was a patient listener for the problems of the less privileged and she would always provide the right advice and approach; maybe not the easiest, but certainly ethical and achievable. Her clear vision matched with her strong, innate sense of integrity held Parinaam to the highest standards. Through her tireless work, Parinaam has changed the lives of thousands of poor families across India.

As a Mother, Mentor, Boss and Friend - she guided us with warmth and love. Any interaction with Elaine, would leave one inspired and motivated. Her legacy will be a benchmark for all those in Parinaam and we will continue to espouse all her values, from which Parinaam was built on, with diligence. Elaine has guided and developed everyone within the foundation, systematically and passionately - we will continue to build on her legacy through Parinaam… just the way she wanted.

Mallika Ghosh, her daughter, who has been leading operations for Parinaam since 2010, will continue running the foundation ensuring all programs are running efficiently.

Please feel free to get in touch with Mallika Ghosh for all Parinaam related inquiries. She can be contacted on mallika.ghosh@parinaam.org