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Did you know that a meal for Rs 400 (USD 7) is what it could mean for some parents to pay their interest on the loan they have taken to send their children to school through our Educational Grant Initiative Program? It encourages mothers to keep sending their children to school and borrow for the education of their children. It also enforces the importance of sending girl children to school.

Sustainability and funding are key issues faced by most non-profit organizations. Parinaam works with the intention of providing the maximum and best quality benefits at a minimal cost. To successfully continue running our programs, we need support from donors, sponsors, our volunteers and our friends. We appreciate donations of all types: money, time or some product/service that will benefit our families. We thank those generous sponsors who have made our previous and current programs possible.

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Case study: Changing Anusha's future: How your contribution can give someone a better life

Anusha is often mistaken for a boy because of her short hair and attire preference: pants and tee shirts. Her mother is one of our first beneficiaries under the Ultra Poor Program (UUPP). Anusha is the youngest of four girls. Her father insisted they moved out of their small hut to ensure his daughters were not distracted by the hard life of their community. Despite his clarity on "education first" for his children he was unable to send them to a private school due to lack of funds.

Anusha caught our attention during our daily evening tuitions for the children of our UUPP beneficiaries. She never missed a day and was always the first to pull out her books and start her homework. She gave us our inspiration to start our Academic Adoption Program where kind-hearted benefactors could sponsor children like her. Through the program Parinaam identifies parents who are determined to give their children a good education but cannot afford it. We then put the children into a private school where they are given an opportunity to do something great with their lives.

We also realized that when a person donates for a child's education every year there is a special kinship created and we encourage our sponsors to be more involved with the child. Raghvendra (her sponsor) not only visits her but also sends her gifts. This video will give you a small glimpse of what you might experience by becoming a part of Parinaam's Academic Adoption Program and changing a child's life forever.

Please contact us at if you are interested in helping a child, like Anusha, go to a good school and would also like to experience a beautiful connection.