Internship: Case studies - Individuals
Emma Glennon

I interned with Parinaam for two months in the summer of 2013. My internship included a diverse and challenging array of projects, including developing health education modules for Urban Ultra Poor Program (UUPP) center meetings, managing development and implementation of a new beneficiary database for the UUPP, constructing profiles of children in our Academic Adoption Program, and redesigning and maintaining the website you see here! Having so many kinds of work certainly kept me busy, but I'm grateful to have exposure to so many areas of development. I was drawn to Parinaam and the UUPP because of the holistic perspective they take to raising families out of poverty, and I truly did learn about how all of Parinaam's different interventions--education, healthcare, livelihood, financial literacy, etc--are interconnected. I've also been lucky to learn about Parinaam's work from multiple angles, from tagging alongside our tireless community workers in the field to contributing to the less "glamourous," but equally necessary and informative, development of program infrastructure from the office.

Emma studies Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University.

Jennifer Gu

I served as an intern for 10 weeks in the Summer of 2013 with the Urban Ultra Poor Program of Parinaam Foundation. I worked primarily on developing a training manual for the UUPP team to implement the program. Creating the manual involved a combination of field work to learn first hand about the processes as well as learning from the staff about their current operations. In addition, I assisted with starting and streamlining our online database on our beneficiaries. I have been inspired by seeing the dedicated efforts of the UUPP team and have also learned about the dynamic nature of implementing such a holistic urban poor program. I hope to carry this experience in my future endeavors learning about urbanization and development in South Asia.

Jennifer studies Political Science at Wellesley College.

Kenneth Hubbell

I worked with Parinaam for two months in the summer of 2013. I had the chance to work with the Diksha financial literacy program, which provides five two hour courses to women interested in learning about financial planning, budgeting, saving, borrowing, and modern banking tools. Most of my work centered on revising the Diksha curriculum and preparing trainers to introduce new concepts like ATM use and Micropensions. I also worked to monitor and evaluate the impact of the Diksha program, and to create new, animated materials for future use.Working with Parinaam was a unique opportunity for me to see the practices and inner workings of an NGO operating on a large, country-wide scale. Diksha is a remarkable program, and I'm grateful that I had the chance to do this work in India.

Kenneth studies Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University.

Jeanette Reinbrand

I volunteered with Parinaam from August 2012 until early 2013, first whenever I had time alongside my work, but later as I really enjoyed taking part in Parinaam's different projects on a more regular basis. I have assisted Parinaam with updating the contents of their website and with various activities connected to the Urban Ultra Poor program, such as helping in creating a syllabus for English and teaching in Parinaam's tuition centers in the slums. I truly like Parinaam as an organization. I think they have important and good projects. Their projects are well-thought-through, with solid procedure documentation and follow-up. I believe they really do make a difference in changing people's lives.

John Yoshida

I volunteered for Parinaam in January of 2012, right after the new year began. I worked on two main projects. The first was developing an internal online database for Parinaam's healthcare network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and NGOs, as well as medical intervention records. The second major project was drafting professional materials for the Education Loan Interest Refund program with a focus on making the activities and benefits of the program as transparent as possible to draw further support. I felt that from my period as a volunteer, I was able to not only get a better perspective of how education and healthcare initiatives coupled with urban microfinance works but also that people can have an impact on those around us who are less fortunate.


I interned at Parinaam from April-May, 2011. I managed and conducted a 5 week summer camp for about 90 slum children. It was a thrilling experience that involved developing the course plan, activities, tests, assignments for the children, training of teachers, etc. It was 5 weeks of sheer hard work and fun. I learnt time management, co-ordination and the most important, I learnt to deal with situations where things did not go according to the plan. Thrilled by my previous experience at Parinaam, I came back next summer and worked with Parinaam from April-May, 2012. I worked on the Safe Water Awareness Program, called the Jalmitra Program. There was a lot of learning in this project because I got to work with Ujjivan, and got to understand about the processing of loans, microfinance and much more!

Parinaam is an amazing organization to work at. Parinaam has really innovative and interesting projects that an intern can work on. There is great learning as each employee takes their work very seriously and are always willing to help each other, including interns. The kind of time and effort that they spend with interns is really commendable. They treat us like equals which is very rare in organizations.

Sanjana Malviya

I served as an intern at Parinaam from May 2010-August 2010. During this time, I developed a health education camp for Ujjivan beneficiaries and a vaccination plan for the Urban Ultra Poor program. My work was challenging but extremely rewarding--I learned not only important cultural lessons from our beneficiaries, but also the benefits of field work. I truly believe that I took away even more from my experience that I contributed, and I am so grateful to have been a part of the Parinaam family.