Gift a Lamp to a Poor Family
Sponsor a Solar Lamp for an Ultra Poor Family

As a reward for actively working towards improving their lives through our interventions we are giving solar lamps to our beneficiaries in the Drumshed, LRDE and Nagarapalya slums. They have absolutely no electricity in their slums and once the sun goes down everything happens thru a small fire they light in their huts. With solar lamps we hope to reduce the potential for fire accidents, cut down the money they spend on fuel and wood, help give their children more time to study, and help the mothers with their house work or even livelihoods such as tailoring etc. I'm sure all of you know the feeling of darkness with India's prevailing power cuts. Just imagine not having electricity at all!! We are currently looking for benefactors who will sponsor a solar lamp for each family. Benefactors are encouraged to come for the distribution of lamps as we believe they should enjoy the best part of giving, the women's happiness for this token of love and care.