Sports Day
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Going by our belief that the children are the most essential part in creating trust and loyalty with our beneficiaries, Parinaam in collaboration with Ujjivan's Administration and Distribution Teams have started a Sports Day once a month for 50-60 of Ujjivan customers' children. Branches will be selected based on their performance by Ujjivan's Distribution Team. The branch will select two of the best centers and the children of the mothers will be given the chance to take part in an afternoon full of just fun and games. Providing these kids with a beautiful playground, a healthy snack, prizes, and a handful of volunteers are all it takes to make the children and their mothers experience an activity mostly all privileged children love, "Sports Day."

It also gives Ujjivan and Parinaam's staff a chance to let go of their daily work activities and enjoy some playtime with their customers children. You would be surprised how grown-ups instantly turn into children when they have a chance to play some fun games in a playground.

Activities, Food & Beverages, Prizes

Sports Day activities will include the old school favourites: 100 Meter Race, Lemon & Spoon, Sack Race, Tug of War and finally to end with a cricket or football game.

Each team will get a bag of chocolates to share at the end of the day. Regional head offices will donate 6 prizes for the winners of each game played.

Glucose water, biscuits and evening snacks are arranged for the participating children by staff and mothers.

Please Read NOTE from our CRM in Ujjivan's PUNE Branch on his experience