Vocational Training

We try to support our beneficiaries by counseling, mentoring and providing access to training and jobs which give them an opportunity to earn a stable income. After conducting extensive research and due diligence, we network and partner with organizations, which not only provide training but also treat these underprivileged fairly.

Some of the vocational training centres where our candidates have been placed include, Streisand Foundation, Dr. Reddy's Foundation, GMR Foundation, Spark, Maruti Driving School, Hope Foundation, Unnati, BIVA, NIIT and others. It is worth mentioning that some of our partner training centers/foundations not only provide training, but arrange for job opportunities after training.

Case study: Padmashree

Padmashree, the daughter of Yashodha, an Ujjivan customer, used to be anxious when leaving her tiny cement-sheeted house and was shy to speak with strangers in the community. Her father had deserted the family, leaving her mother with the burden of being the only breadwinner of the family. Parinaam arranged for her to be placed in Streisand Foundation Community College for vocation training.

Before joining the college, Padmashree could only speak Telugu and would keep herself busy with household work. She said her best experience at the college was participating in the Life Skills and Sales classes. After completing the program, she was hired by Big Bazaar, where she sells kitchen products, earning Rs.5200 per month. The training has given her new found confidence and she says that her salary helps keep her family comfortable with the additional source of income.

Unnati is a vocational training institute that provides free training and job placements for school drop outs in a range of professions. The three month rigorous training includes conversational English classes, basic computer and life skills. Students can specialize in various courses including BPO services, retail services, driving, industrial painting, guest care, security services and industrial tailoring. They are guaranteed job placement in a formal sector company at the end of the course.

We counsel the parents and the children on what will be a good fit; fill and submit their applications; guide them through the two day interview process and provide moral support throughout the course.