“I learned about COVID, its symptoms, safety precautions, the importance of wearing a mask, using sanitizer, and maintaining social distance. The most interesting part was the usage of UPI apps and I will try using the digital platform.”
Sunitha Rajput,
Gadag, Karnataka
“I loved the way madam explained about COVID-19 symptoms and safety measures. I have also learned about budgeting in the training. I liked what madam taught us about digital contactless transactions.”
Renu Devi,
Adityapur, Jharkhand
“Information provided on online transactions has been very helpful for the community, using online payment will definitely help people not to bring the virus from shops by handling currency notes. This 90-minute session helps us learn how to take care of family members and elderly members of our family.”
Manisha Khochare,
Karad, Maharashtra

This program was designed to provide necessary information about the COVID-19 pandemic to less-informed sections of the populace, so that they could incorporate these learnings into their pandemic-impacted daily life. These included pandemic information, downloading the government’s Arogya Setu app, understanding contact tracing, purchases using QR codes, non- contact banking, money transfers, opening RD / FD accounts with mobile banking apps and various UPI apps.

The number of enrolled participants was 3,69,022. Participants: 90% women, 10% men

Covid and Vaccination Education Program

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was severe in India, with more than 3 lakh cases being reported every day. One of the critical issues facing the administration was lack of adequate and accurate information, especially in a scenario of panic and misinformation. Information and education was critical to controlling the steep upward spike.

Parinaam Foundation created a plan to educate the many urban poor communities it works with. We worked with Noora Healthcare to develop a Corona Education Module. The module has two main segments — the first segment about the basics of COVID-19 which talk about the disease, signs, symptoms, effective preventive techniques, home isolation/quarantine guidelines etc.; the second segment about vaccinations, their benefits, managing side effects, how to register, COVID appropriate behaviour post-vaccination etc.

After the education module was developed, we trained our field staff working in the communities, who took the message across to their beneficiaries. A total of 3,000 families were educated through this awareness program and 12,000 masks were distributed to the beneficiaries.