The Parinaam story

Transforming one community at a time.

Even in 2022 India, there are many segments of our population that continue to be invisible and hence, unserved or underserved.

The urban poor are invisible — most of them migrants, most illiterate, the voiceless service economy. They lack access to most government programs for the poor and do not have the attention of the city administration.

They belong to none, they are attended to by none. And it was to address their needs that the Parinaam Foundation was founded in 2006

Their poverty is generational and multidimensional and our many engagements with them have convinced us that their only chance of exiting poverty is education. We also feel that the right environment — infrastructure, livelihood, healthcare, sanitation, recreation — is important for education to be welcome and effective. We also work on financial literacy for the women and social inclusion.

By the end of 2022, Parinaam would have connected with over
1 million people through our programmes —
transforming one community at a time.

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