never again.

The second Covid wave caught India off guard.
That was when we realised how inadequate and ill-equipped
our healthcare system was in an emergency.
Which is why what we started as Covid Relief,
we have decided to transform into The Health Project.

The Health Project — for long-term change in the healthcarespace.

Need: Our frontline medical institutions — hospitals, Primary and Community Health Centers, nursing homes and clinics — need urgent infrastructural improvement and technology enhancement.

Action: Seek healthcare institutions that need support, exercise due diligence on the institution, assess their requirements. Grant funds to provide them immediate relief — medical supplies and equipment — and strengthening their infrastructure for the long term by increasing their capacity, whether it is adding ICU beds or providing the expensive equipment like echocardiograms.

Impact: With the support of Citi Alumni, we have reached out to 117 healthcare institutions across India and addressed infrastructure concerns of 71.

Let us who can, do what we can.

The Parinaam Foundation is looking at is raising
Rs. 100 crore towards:
  1. Emergency assistance in terms of medical supplies and equipment in the event of another Covid wave.
  2. Funding of equipment and consumables in the short-term.
  3. Vaccination drives for the underprivileged.
  4. Long term funding for infrastructure and technology upgrades — wards, major equipment.

Covid Relief Activities

The pandemic has been one of the worst crises our nation has gone through. Let us do our best to ensure that the lack of primary healthcare facilities is never the reason an Indian has to suffer.

your little, can do much.