that time is now.

Many of us doubt our own potential to bring about
change. But our darkest hours,
are often when the best in us shines through.
There has never been
a better time to care.

Parinaam Covid Relief Project. For short and long-term impact.

Plan: Utilise the funds to address capacity issues that challenge our healthcare system in two phases. Quick support where needed now in the first. And contribute to a more prepared healthcare system in the second, equipped to tackle another wave.

Action: We have a clear vision of deliverables. And a senior team in place to project manage, support beneficiaries and ensure transparency. Read more

What requires support today are medical institutions - hospitals, Primary & Community Health Centers, nursing homes, clinics, NGOs (providing frontline Covid relief), Vaccination Centers and organisations providing Home Care.

Our objective is to fund and develop these institutions based on their immediate and long-term needs - to increase their capacity to effectively attend to Covid patients, vaccinate the population or other emergencies that may arise in the future.

Funds will be granted to provide them immediate relief in terms of medical supplies and equipment - like oxygen concentrators, multi-para monitors, ICU beds, ventilators, humidifiers etc. and strengthening their infrastructure for the medium term — by increasing their capacity, whether it is adding ICU beds or providing the expensive equipment like echocardiograms.

Impact: We intend to reach out and support over 3 million patients through the year with the aid of 300 institutions.

Let us who can, do what we can.

What Parinaam Foundation is looking at is raising
Rs. 100 crore towards:
  1. Emergency assistance for immediate needs of the institutions - subsidising medical charges and sustenance for extremely disadvantaged.
  2. Funding of equipment and consumables.
  3. Medium term funding of infrastructure capacity - incremental wards, major equipment.
  4. Vaccination drives especially for disadvantaged

RAISED: Rs. 3,39,48,694 TARGET: Rs. 25 crore

Covid Relief Activities

We do not ask for much.
But this is the time to do what you can.
There is no such thing as too little.
For someone else, it is always much.

your little, can do much.

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