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Careers with Parinaam

Being around good people is fun. And makes good things happen. There are a few positions we are looking to fill. If what you see here is what you see yourself doing, fill in some quick details, upload your resume and we will get back to you!

Volunteer with Parinaam

There are always a few projects on at Parinaam and we will only be happy to have you with us. Volunteering at health camps, designs for infrastructure transformation, creating resources for our financial literacy programme, IT support, it could be anything. If you have the heart for it, we have something for you to do. Connect first, we will figure the path next.

Corporate Volunteering

Organizations sending in their employees to volunteer is something we welcome and appreciate.

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Interning with Parinaam

If you are interested in the social development sector, Parinaam is your opportunity to make a change.

We do not have a formal internship program timeline at the moment. However if you who wish to work with us and experience what it is to work with the urban poor, understand their challenges and learn what it takes to keep an organization like Parinaam running, you are welcome.

If you are looking at earning credit hours for voluntary work, Parinaam can be a good choice. We look forward to having students from different worlds adding a little flavour to our little organization.

You can apply for internships right here!

If you need more information, we would be glad to help.

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +91 87927 98063

I served as an intern with Parinaam Foundation under the Human Resource Department in the month of November 2021. This internship program is one of the most learning experiences of life.This was the first internship I have done after my graduation. During this period, I worked closely with the Hr Department and its internal programs. I also engaged in various interactions with Parinaam employees under the program Chat with HR. I found it very effective and productive in accomplishing responsibilities assigned to me. I also had the chance to learn about various programs of the Parinaam foundation which mainly works for the development of the people with their education, livelihood, healthcare and community development under different programs like Diksha Financial literacy program,Urban Ultra Poor program. Parinaam helped me get wider knowledge about things and I'm really grateful to have this opportunity for exposure to so many areas of self-development.I really had the opportunity to develop my technical skills and communication under various tasks I was assigned to work on. Parinaam is really amazing to work with,they give  better learning experience and a pleasant working environment . I thank the Parinaam Foundation for giving me the opportunity to work under an internship program
I interned with Parinaam for two months in the summer of 2013. My internship included a diverse and challenging array of projects, including developing health education modules for Urban Ultra Poor Program (UUPP) center meetings, managing development and implementation of a new beneficiary database for the UUPP, constructing profiles of children in our Academic Adoption Program, and redesigning and maintaining the website. Having so many kinds of work certainly kept me busy, but I'm grateful to have got an exposure to so many areas of development. I was drawn to Parinaam and the UUPP because of the holistic perspective they take to raising families out of poverty, and I truly did learn about how all of Parinaam's different interventions--education, healthcare, livelihood, financial literacy, etc--are interconnected. I've also been lucky to learn about Parinaam's work from multiple angles, from tagging alongside our tireless community workers in the field to contributing to the less "glamourous," but equally necessary and informative, development of program infrastructure from the office
I volunteered for Parinaam in January of 2012, right after the new year began. I worked on two main projects. The first was developing an internal online database for Parinaam's healthcare network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and NGOs, as well as medical intervention records. The second major project was drafting professional materials for the Education Loan Interest Refund program with a focus on making the activities and benefits of the program as transparent as possible to draw further support. I felt that from my period as a volunteer, I was able to not only get a better perspective of how education and healthcare initiatives coupled with urban microfinance works but also that people can have an impact on those around us who are less fortunate.

I interned at Parinaam from April-May, 2011. I managed and conducted a 5 week summer camp for about 90 slum children. It was a thrilling experience that involved developing the course plan, activities, tests, assignments for the children, training of teachers, etc. It was 5 weeks of sheer hard work and fun. I learnt time management, co-ordination and the most important, I learnt to deal with situations where things did not go according to the plan. Thrilled by my previous experience at Parinaam, I came back next summer and worked with Parinaam from April-May, 2012. I worked on the Safe Water Awareness Program, called the Jalmitra Program. There was a lot of learning in this project because I got to work with Ujjivan, and got to understand about the processing of loans, microfinance and much more!

Parinaam is an amazing organization to work at. Parinaam has really innovative and interesting projects that an intern can work on. There is great learning as each employee takes their work very seriously and are always willing to help each other, including interns. The kind of time and effort that they spend with interns is really commendable. They treat us like equals which is very rare in organizations.


I have been associated with Parinaam for many years now as a donor in their academic adoption program. I recently decided to contribute my time as well by volunteering with them.

It has been a truly eye opening and heart-warming experience witnessing first hand, the tremendous work Parinaam has been doing as part of their Urban Ultra Poor outreach program. I got to meet and interact with their beneficiaries and hear their own account of how their lives have changed for the better thanks to the wonderful work being done by this organization. Be it mentoring or doing field work, every experience has left me feeling enriched and fulfilled.

By far the best decision I have made of late was to volunteer at Parinaam.


I started to volunteer for Parinaam since June 2021. Initially I got the opportunity to work for AAP project. Mrs Meena briefly described me about the basic concepts of the project from field level of identifying the beneficiaries till final process. This helped me a lot to work on the documentation part of AAP SOP. Later I was assigned with the work of updating Beneficiary List and child details in AAP template. I was also involved in CANVA profile creation of AAP children. The process of designing followed in each, and every stage of this project was appreciable and great. All the staffs were very cooperative and supported me with a friendly attitude. Finally, I am highly grateful to Mallika Mam,for accepting my request of Voluntary service and really it gives me immense pleasure to have been a part of Parinaam Team.

HR head for Ujjivan Bank

Chandralekha and the employees of Ujjivan have has been volunteering with Parinaam since the inception of the organization. This volunteering program for Ujjivan has been an opportunity to allow our employees to experience the joy of giving. While it has given our employees the flexibility to donate their time for a social cause, it must be noted that it has also added the work+ in the work experience for the employees, which provides a sense of purpose and satisfaction. In an age, where finding a purpose in job roles has become a necessity, the opportunity our employees get by bringing real change to so many lives through Parinaam, is what makes this volunteering activity so fulfilling. Parinaam team also makes the use of the volunteers truly meaningful for themselves and makes the volunteers feel at home and being immersed in the activities completely. The entire experience for Ujjivan as a “Bank with a Difference”, is rewarding that enables our employees to adopt, adapt and apply themselves for a truly life altering experience.

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